Crisis on daily consumer’s product in Bajura

  September 7, 2018 By: INSEC

There is a crisis on daily consumer’s product in the district after the Sanphe Martadi road section joining headquarter of Martadi is obstructed due to the landslide followed by the incessant rainfall.

The road section is obstructed from the last two months creating crisis in consumer’s product as transportation has been disrupted due to the landslide. Road section at Bamka, Guigad, Balde, Dwari under Budhiganga Municipality has been obstructed.

After the disruption of transportation, there is a crisis of consumer’s products in Badimalika Municipality, Gomul Rural Municipality, Budinanda Municipality, Swami Kartik Khapar Rural Municipality, Jagannath Rural Municipality, Himali Rural Municipality and Khaptad Chededaha Rural Municipality according to the local vendors.

There has been crisis on daily products like rice, lintels, gas, flours etc. Chief District Office Chet Raj Baral said that the road will be re operated immediately after the monsoon ends.

The food depots are compelled to lock their depots after their stocks are finished according to acting chief Mekh Raj Ojha of Food Corportation.

Patients are referred outside the district for treatment according to District Health Office.


Padam Singh