CPN-UML Draws EC’s Attention

  March 29, 2017 By: INSEC

The main opposition party CPN-UML has been dragging the attention of Election Commission since March 15, for the violation of code of conduct- RSS.

A party’s Parliamentary team led by second leader Subash Nembang informed the Chief Election Commissioner Dr. Ayodhis Prashad Yadav along with other commissioners about the violation of the code of conduct and discussed on the issues.

During the meeting, the UML leaders raised a question on whether or not the activities of Deputy Prime Minister using Nepal Army helicopter to hand over a bank cheque from the state’s side and attending the program organized by the Nepali Congress violates the code of conducts or not.

Nembang informed that the UML also drew EC’s attention to the reallocation of a huge amount of budget in an unimaginative way.

He added that the temporary admission of police should be transparent and is necessary to define the objective clearly. Also, it is suggested to monitor the activities regularly and determine the voting center in the consensus of all party.

The team had chief warner Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal, Former Minister Rajendra Pandey and Agni Kharel along with MP Dr Rajan Bhattarai in the discussion.

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