CPN-UML Cadres misbehaved by UDMF Cadres

  March 8, 2017 By: INSEC

CPN-UML Kailaiya District Party Office Secretary Shankar Bhattarai, 53 resident of Kalaiya Municipality-5 and CPN-UML Kalaiya City Committee member Ramekwal Patel, 50 resident of Kalaiya Municipality-2 are misbehaved by the cadres of United Democratic Madeshi Front on 8 March 2017.

Victim Bhattarai stated the of United Democratic Madeshi Front cadre smeared black soot for being the cadre and supporter of CPN-UML. Similarly, the office of CPN-UML at Kalaiya was arsoned. However, UDMF has not borne the responsibility of the incident.

The door of the ground floor were broken to arson the cupboard however the police officials reached in place of incident immediately and stopped the possibility of any loss – said DSP Rajendrababu Regmi of DPO

Laxmi Sah Sonar