Court Slams one and half years to bigamous

  November 23, 2016 By: INSEC

The District Court of Siraha has ordered to sentence six and half years to Ram Kumar Yadav, 28 of Kalyanpur Jabdi VDC-1 on November 23 on charge of polygamy.

A single bench of District Court judge Purneshwor Prasad Upadhyaya had given a verdict regarding the case. Meanwhile, another accused Radha Yadav was given a clean chit by the court.

The victim Rita Devi Yadav, 24 of Kalyanpur Jabdi VDC-1 had lodged a complaint against the accused at Area Police Office of Mirchaiya on September 2.

The Area Police Office had arrested both the accused on September 3. Both of them were released on bail amount of Rs 30,000 on September 23 based on a court order.


Durga Pariyar