Court Slams Nine Years on charge of Abduction

  November 27, 2018 By: INSEC

The District Court of Morang has ordered to sentence 39 years old Tika Ram Khawas of Sunderharaicha Municipality-1 and 57 years old Narayan Shah Teli of the same place for nine years each after finding them guilty on abducting and taking hostage of an Indian citizen demanding the extortion.

A single bench of district court judge had given the verdict regarding the case. On the same case, the court has acquitted five other accused. The Indian citizens Raj Kishore,36, 42 years old Ajaya Kumar Shah, 30 years old Akhilesh Shah, 38 years old Dinbandu Tiwari, 62 years old Baleshwor Rajak and 42 years old Ranjit Kumar were  taken hostage in one hotel by the accused on February 7.

The incident was made public after one of the victim was able to flee the scene and he lodged complaint at police office.

Indira Bhattarai