Friday , 22nd February 2019

Friday , 22nd February 2019

Court Sentences Ten Days on Charge of Sexual Abuse

September 15, 2016 By INSEC

The District Court of Saptari has ordered to sentence Dambar Yadav, 42, Khusi Lal Yadav, 54 of Bhutahi VDC-2, Pawan Pandit Kumhar, 28 and Bindeshwor Sharma, 69 of Pato VDC-9 for 10 days on charge of sexual abuse on 21-year-old Woman.

A single bench of District Court judge Binod Kumar Gautam has given a verdict regarding the case. The accused are at large after the incident.

The victim had lodged a complaint at District Court on May 11 against the accused accusing them of sexually abusing her on May 1.

Manohar Kumar Pokhrel