Corona Virus: Status Update of Karnali Province of 12 April

  April 13, 2020 By: INSEC

The district-level situation analysis is based on information received by the District Representative of INSEC regarding efforts made in the district-to-district to mitigate the Coronavirus outbreak.

According to Humla District Representative Nanda Singh, a rapid diagnostic test was started on 11th April for the people living in Quarantine site in Simkot, informed Quarantine Information Officer of Ranivan, Prajit Bohara. The report of a diagnostic test started with the blood test of a total of 25 and the report has been tested negative.

Similarly, about 874 people in Humla are going to test the RDT. For which, Lab Technician of the District Health Services Office Baliraj Bhandari will depart from Tanjakot, Sarkigad, Kharpunath, Adanchuli and Chankhali VDCs from 12th April and Dr Bhakti Phadera will move to Northern Namkha.

According to Jumla representative, Manadatta Rawal, the Karnali Health Sciences Academy Teaching Hospital, which was operated for one week at the Nagam Health Desk, was opened at the Healthcare Monitoring Center, Jumla, on 23rd March.

According to Biswaraj Kafle, Registrar of the Karnali Health Sciences Academy, Jumla, health workers returned to the house on 11th April after staying at the monitoring centre for 14 days. The team has been scheduled to reach the citizens’ homes from 11th April on a health check-up and awareness program. Health workers deployed to the Nagm Health Desk screened more than 4,000 people with coronavirus infection during the lockdown.

According to Kalikot representative Kali Bahadur Malla, the District Community Police Service Center under the District Police Office has distributed food to the poor Badi community in Khandachakra Municipality-1.

The food items were distributed to the poor 14 Badi families who were being forced to pay their daily wages in lockdown. Similarly, Khandachakra has started testing the rapid test of a person living in Quarantine established within the municipality. A team of health workers from Karnali state has begun the first phase of testing in Quarantine.

The Shubhakali Rural Municipality has set up 20 lakh fund for the prevention and control of the coronavirus. The fund is aimed at distributing foodstuffs to over 500 families who are unable to pay due to overcrowding and lockdown in the village. Relief has not been distributed in Raskot, Khandachakra, Tilagufa Municipality and Mahava Rural Municipality due to lack of data collection.

According to Dailekh District Representative Amar Sunar, a vigilance program has been organized in the  Thati Kandh rural municipality to prevent and control the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19). The awareness campaign was launched by team members, including Dhir Bahadur Shahi, from door to door. The villagers informed the health condition of 19 people who returned home from quarantine and 157 of them returned from India, did not follow the home quarantine, and also monitored the lockdown.

According to Rukum (West) Representative Manisha KC, Triveni rural municipality has mobilized local youths in the border area to prevent new and unfamiliar people from coming to their local level. Youths had been mobilized to prevent the transmission of the Coronavirus. Eleven persons who came from outside the country and entered the village from different places within the country have been kept in quarantine. Musikot Municipality has been providing health services from 14 places. People from India and other countries, as well as local people, are coming for health check-up at the place where health care is being provided. Swab had been collected of 17 people on 12th April. Everyone who collected the swab was at-home quarantine. A team of health workers from the district hospital Rukum (West) collected the swab and sent it to Surkhet for examination.

According to Surkhet District Representative Durga Thapa, all the local levels of Surkhet have set up separate cells to control the coronavirus. Birendranagar municipality has constructed a fund of Rs. 28,000,000 Chief Administrative Officer Tikaram Dhakal informed that Prabhu Bank, Branch Office, Surkhet had collected Rs 1,50,000. According to the concerned municipality, Rs.9300000 has been established in Gurbakot municipality, Rs. 60 lakhs in Panchpuri municipality, Rs 10 million and one lakh in Bherignaga Municipality, Rs. 10 million in Lekbesi has been established.  Similarly, a fund of Rs. 1 million has been established in Simta rural municipality, 25 lakhs in Chingad RM, 40 lakhs in Barahatal RM and 1 lakh in Chaukane RM.

Karnali Province Office, INSEC