Corona Virus: Status of Province 5

  April 4, 2020 By: INSEC

Due to the panic of Coronavirus, Nepalese working in India are still coming back. Since both the countries and their borders are locked- down, these people are kept staying at the No Man’s Land, Das Gaja. As we have an open border, the risk of infected people sneaking in is still prevalent.

According to the District Representative of Banke, Smriti Devkota, 181 Nepalese returning from India are living under open sky since 31 March and having a rough time. Due to the problem of mosquitos and lack of food, their health is condition is prone to diseases. They complain of not getting to be in quarantine even when they are ready for it. Chief District Officer Kumar Bahadur Khadka says, the Home Ministry has instructed not to let anyone in from the border. These people did not agree to stay in the quarantine of Rupaidiha, India. They are not getting sufficient food and water. After the border denied their entrance, they used ways of Narainapur, Saigau, Beyond Rapti, Khayarbhatti to enter.

According to the District Representative of Dang, Jaya Narayan Pun, food is scarce after the lockdown. The local government has managed to distribute food essentials in such places. There were 16 swab tests which resulted negative. At present, there are three individuals in the isolation ward. A hospital opened in Dang for Corona treatment has started the general lob service. This lab is for those who may not have corona but may die if they are accessed to checkup.

According to the District Representative of Palpa,  Yagya Murti Timilsina, on 2 April, Bagnaskali Rural Municipality distributed 20 Kg rice, 1 kg lentil and 1 kg salt to 380 needy families in 9 wards. The market places are cleansed with disinfectants. Hospitals like- Palpa Hospital, Mission Hospital, Rampur Hospital and Lumbini Medical College has ‘Fever Clinic’ for the patients of cold and fever. There are 346 quarantine beds in 23 different locations and has 41 people in them. Till date, 1231 people have returned from abroad in this district. All the local levels have prepared PPE for the health organizations of the district.

According to the District Representative of Kapilbastu, Parbati Acharya, there are 522 people in quarantine till date. More than 95% of them have returned from India. Daily many of them are intruding inside from shortcuts while the main border is closed. Since these people do not stay in quarantine, this has increased the risk of infection in Kapilbastu. The open border is of 93Kms, which makes it difficult for the security personnel to monitor it. But the Administration is doing its best to make these entries strict.

According to the District Representative of Gulmi, Top Lal Aryal, all the local levels are identifying the needy families and distributing relief. Gulmi Hospital and Department of Health has received 300pcs of masks and 15 gowns. These materials came from the Provincial Health Inventory Management Centre. On 31 March Islam Society Kathmandu provided 13 PPE, eights pieces sanitizers and 50 pcs of masks to Isma Rural Municipality. The local level claims of not getting enough materials for the preparation from the provincial government except for 300pcs of masks, 15 gowns and rs five lakh to the Gulmi Hospital. The cabinet meeting of Province 1 has decided to provide 12 ambulances drivers with PPE but this has not been implemented yet.

According to the District Representative of Rupandehi, Reema B.C, the pregnant woman stranded in the border was rescued on 31 March.


Province 5 Office, INSEC