Corona Virus: Status Update of Gandaki Province

  April 10, 2020 By: INSEC

According to District Representative of Kaski, Sushan Ghimire, there are total 84 samples collected for the test out of which 74 are negative and 10 are pending. 96 people are living in-home quarantine. 389 people are returning from abroad. There are four fever clinics which has tested 11 people. The Pokhara Metropolitan has given a High-Pressure Water Spray Machine to Pokhara Health Science Academy. This machine will be used to spray the vehicles entering and exiting the hospital.

According to District Representative of Gorkha, Hari Ram Uprety, three people treated at the fever clinic were in a normal healthy state. Samples of the three men returning from India and staying at the quarantine of Bal Jyoti Primary School have been sent to the National Laboratory, Teku. All the local levels have collected the data regarding the daily-waged workers.

According to District Representative of Nawalparasi (Bardaghat- Susta East), Tirtha Raj Dumre, on 9 April there has not been any tests. Nine people are living in quarantine at different places of the district. Out of 83, 74 have returned. Different parts of the district have been sprayed with disinfectant.

According to District Representative of Parbat, Santosh Thapa, there is chaos in distributing the relief. They are not maintaining social distancing during the relief distribution. In Parbat 51 swabs have been sent for the test out of which 33 reports were found negative and 18 reports are pending. No swabs were collected on 9 April. One hundred kits have arrived for testing. Since the Nepali New Year is coming, on this occasion different kinds of fairs take place. The provincial government has strictly prohibited conducting such fairs this time as it invites crowd and chances of infection is higher. Taking the advantage of lockdown, Min Prasad Regmi of Jaljala Rural Municipality- 3 was found selling the cooking gas with Rs 300 higher than the actual rate. He was arrested for this act.

According to District Representative of Baglung, Srijana Pant, the fifth corona infected woman interacted with the Chief Minister of the province via phone. She is being treated at the Dhaulagiri Zonal Hospital. She was in a normal healthy state. Since Baglung is prone to corona infection, rapid test has started from 9 April. The test is led by the Senior Medical Lab Technician Dhan Prasad Poudel. For the test, even the technicians of neighbouring districts accompanied him. Hence they have 1000 test kits, 2 advanced ventilators, 100 PPE sets and 1000 masks. The test kit gives result in 15 minutes. They will be examining 893 people in all the local levels by the end of 13 April. If found positive in the rapid test, their swabs will be re-tested for confirmation.

According to District Representative of Tanahu, Prakash Chandra Bhattarai, the local level is providing relief to the daily-waged workers. Relief Distribution Code of conduct 2076 has been prepared for distributing the relief. Though the relief is for the needy ones only, the locals pressured on getting the government relief and divided the relief among everyone.

According to District Representative of Myagdi, Amrit Prasad Poudel, a swab of the man returning from India has been sent for test on 9 April. There are 15 men and three women living in quarantine.

According to District Representative of Lamjung, Dal Bahadur Majakoti, on 9 April 52 people took the service of the fever clinic. Eight people are staying in quarantine. Reports of the swabs sent on 8 April hasn’t arrived yet.

Gandaki Province Office, INSEC