Coordination necessary for the protection of human rights

  December 31, 2017 By: INSEC

Acting director Neetu Gartaula of National Human Rights Commission said that everyone’s participation and coordination is necessary for the protection of Human Rights.

She expressed this while speaking at the interaction program on Human Rights Situation organized by INSEC Pokhara on December 31.

She added that providing human rights justice without being bias is necessary for the protection and promotion of human rights.

Speaking at the program western regional coordinator Shiva Khakurel of INSEC presented six months human rights situation of province number 4 and 5. He urged everyone to provide the incidents of human rights violation data so that it helps for documentation.

In the program, INSEC Pokhara had publicized the situational report on incidents of human rights violation within six months period.

Speaking at the program, chief Laxmi GC of Women and Children office of Kaski said that marginalized community are deprived of human rights.

Central secretary Ram Prasad Subedi of NGO said that the change must begin from the person and added that the human rights violation is happening due to the ignorance and by intention.


INSEC regional Office Pokhara