“Convicts of serious crime like rape will be  severely charged”, minister Thapa

  March 8, 2018 By: INSEC

Women , children and social welfare minister Tham Maya Thapa said that the guilty on serious crime like rape will be taken a serious action.

She said that while addressing the assembly to mark 108th international women day. She added that solidarity is needed to end the violence against the women.

She committed to take severe action against those conducting women violence and added that the government has provided free toll free number (1145) to inform about the women violence.

The rally was organized by women, children and welfare ministry, INSEC, NGOs and other rights organizations. The participants carried a pamphlets with a slogans.

This year’s slogan for women day is  ” Social awareness along with economic empowerment: transformation ofliving standard of rural and urban women”.

The international day was observed across the nation with various programs.


Subhash Shah