Continuous closure of schools affect studies of students

  November 22, 2016 By: INSEC

The dispute between the political parties over the dilimitation of area no. 7 of Dailekh district and its three VDCs have affected the studies of more than 40 schools of the district since one week. The dispute has affected Kalbhairab, Gauri and Malika VDCs office since November 17.

The locals are agitating demanding Jwalamalika as a Gaunpalika including Gamaudi VDC.

Meanwhile, INSEC district representative Amar Sunar has organized a discusiion program with the officials of Kalbhairav and Jwala Secondary school including the agitators. He said that the discussion program was held in context of making schools as a peace zone. During the discussion program participating agitators gave their positive response regarding the regular study of the students and at the same time the students urged the agitators to open the schools immidiately.

The agitators have said that they will continue the agitation from November 23 until their demand is not addressed.


INSEC Mid-Western Regional Office, Nepalgunj