Constitutional Day: Somewhere observed as a national day and somewhere as a Black Day

  September 19, 2018 By: INSEC

Nepal Communist Party Saptari celebrated the constitution day as a National day on September 19 whereas Rastriya Janta Party at the same time declared the day as a “Black Day”.

In presence of security guild and various delegates, constitution day was observed in the district. The program was organized in the residence of CDO and during the program cadres of RaJaPa showed a black flag as a protest. They put black flags in the offices of local level as a protest.

Nepal Communist Party Saptari has distributed fruits in Gajendra Narayan Singh Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital on the occasion of Constitution day  and organized an interaction program in the party office. At the same time the cadres of RaJaPa was celebrating the day as a “Black Day” just 100m away from the party office. The party is showing dissatisfaction since the day the constitution was promulgated three years ago.

The “Black Day” was celebrated by the party led by Jitendra Sonal who is also physical infrastructure and development minister of province 2.

They organized triangle assembly along with black flag showing their dissatisfaction on new constitution of Nepal. The party said that September 19 will always be celebrated as a “Black Day” by the party as they believe that this constitution is discriminatory.

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Manohar Kumar Pokhrel