Sunday , 18th November 2018

Sunday , 18th November 2018

Conflict Victim’s bearing made public through wall paintings

November 17, 2016 By INSEC

A campaign of wall painting has been started in public places so as to make the pain bearings of victims public. In initiation of victims, first wall painting was concluded at Bhurigaun bazar of Babi Municipality in Bardiya on November 17. The wall painting program was organized in direct coordination with conflict victims committee of Bardiya.

The wall painting is also coordinated by the British painter Martin Travers. The pain of victims is depicted in the picture painted in public places said Martin.

Chairperson Bhagi Ram Chaudhary of conflict victim committee of Bardiya said that the wall picture is made so as to draw everyone’s concern for the justice of victims. Chaudhary said that the campaign will be operated in various places of the district.

Man Bahadur Chaudhary