Sunday , 22nd April 2018

Sunday , 22nd April 2018

Conflict Management Working Team commences Work

March 20, 2017 By INSEC

The work-force formed to investigate the conflict victims that were deprived of getting relief have started its work from March 20 in Rukum. The work force will present the report to the government.

The team will investigate the conflict victim, their family and infrstructure and the description of destruction and will present the report to the government.

Coordinator Ram Chandra Ghimire of the work force said that they have begun their work from Rukum.

In Rukum, there are 136 people abducted by both state and non-state party, 201 disabled people and 25 orphan children. Their name have been recomended by the district however it is not included in work force according to peace committee.

In local peace committee of Rukum, 19 deceased and four disappeared people’s name have not been recomended in in the description.

The governent has given 45 days to complete the task of the team. The team consists of committee’s member Dharma Bahadur KC, Sunita Regmi, Birkha Raj Gurung, Dev Bahadur Adhikari including others. The work-force has left Rukum after finishinhg their job and reached Rolpa.


Adarsha KC

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