Complaint of not getting social security allowances

  October 3, 2016 By: INSEC

The people from the targeted community of Terhathum District have complained of not getting a social security allowances which has made their life harder along with the approaching festival “Dashain”. Local senior citizens complained that they were not able to buy commodities because of not getting the allowances on time. This is going to affect the upcoming festival.

The targeted community of senior citizens, single women, person with disability and Dalit community people were not able to get the allowances on time.

The government normally distributes the allowances, 15 days prior to the beginning of the festival however this time they were not able to get it according to Hasta Bahadur Limbu of Myanglung Municipality-6. Uma Nath Bhandari, secretary of District Senior Citizens Federation said that this deprivation of allowance by the government is an insult for the senior citizens.

Most of the senior citizens are depending on allowance to celebrate Dashain.

However, focal person Lila Dhungana of Social Security Fund said that due to some technical issue, the allowances could not be distributed through banks. She added that the allowances will be distributed as soon as possible.

There are total of 9,200 people getting social security allowance provided by the government.


Bhagishwor Limbu