Complaint Lodged Against Witchcraft Allegation

  July 18, 2019 By: INSEC

Area Police Office Kalyanpur has lodged complaint against 45 years old Kapurdevi Yadav, 35 years old Durgaprasad Yadav, 65 years old Govardhan Yadav, 55 years old Jasodevi Yadav and 35 years old Anitadevi Yadav of Bode Barsain Municipality-6, on charge of beating in an allegation of being witch.

By alleging of being witch victim was tortured and beaten and complaint was lodged against accused parties on May 19, 2019.

Initially, police refused to file the complaint so District Government Attorney Office has to send a letter to proceed with the case.

So-called witch allegation accusers are being searched, notifies Inspector Bishnupradip Bashyal. Meanwhile they are not arrested yet even after lodged the complaint against them.

Manoharkumar Pokhrel