Complaint Lodged against the accused for witchcraft allegation

  August 4, 2018 By: INSEC

A complaint against 27 years old Roshan Gurung has been lodged at District Police Office on August 2 on charge of alleging 55 years old Kali Gurung and 29 years old Min Kumari Gurung of Dharche Rural Municipality-6 for being witch.

The victim Kali’s daughters Sunmaya and Ram Maya Gurung had lodged complaint at DPO . Both the victims were being socially neglected after they were alleged of being witch.

” On July 26,local Bhim Gurung died and my mother was alleged of being witch and responsible of his death,” said Sunmaya.

The stomach of deceased Bhim was cut into pieces led by the team led by Roshan in search of Lizard and Frog that was said to be fed by the witches however nothing was found according to locals.

Hari Ram Uprety