Complaint lodged against CPN UML for violating Code of Conduct

  November 28, 2017 By: INSEC

A complaint against CPN UML has been lodged at election commission on November 28 on charge of violating election code of conduct.

The complaint has been lodged by Amrit Karki of ward number 32 of Kathmandu Metropolis against the party for violating code of conduct demanding the action against the party.

According to the election code of conduct, none of the political party or its candidate are allowed to use space not more than 7/7 inches space in papers while disseminating election materials however the party has used more space in four of the national daily on November 28 against the CoC according to the complaint.

In one day,only one newspaper can be used for advertising however 4 news papers were used by the party which is a direct violation of election code of conduct according to the complaint. The complaint requests to take immediate action against the party for such violation.

Subhash Shah