Complaint Filed Against Caste-Based Discrimination and Misbehaviour

  August 27, 2020 By: INSEC

A complaint has been filed at the Area Police Office, Sukhad on August 25 accusing Khem Raj Bam, 30, Lalit Bhandari, 20, Nirp Bhandari, 23, Dal Bahadur Bhandari, 20, Bam Bahadur Bhandari, 20, Dambar Saud, 20, and Gopi Saud, 22, of caste-baste discrimination and beating. They are accused of discriminating and beating Bikas BK, 20, Sunil BK, 17, and Anil BK, 22, of Ghodaghodi municipality-6 on August 22.

According to Nabaraj BK, a family member of the victim, the group of non-Dalit men kept coming to their homes and beating them. Therefore the complaint was filed at the police.

Bikas BK’s head was deeply wounded due to the beating so he was taken to Nepalgunj Medical College for treatment. Sunil BK was taken to Ghodaghodi Hospital for treatment, added Nabaraj.

Binod BK, chairperson of Ghodaghodi Municipality Ward No. 6, said that the complaint was lodged at the Area Police Office, Sukhad on August 23 but no action was taken. The police filed the complaint only after the victim families’ constant pressure.

According to Inspector Hari Sharan Bhatta of the Area Police Office, the complaint was not filed initially because police wanted to discuss and reconcile the issue on August 25 including both the parties.

He added that search is ongoing for those involved in the incident.

Maina Moti Chaudhary