Commission urges not to disrupt Essential Health Services

  December 2, 2016 By: INSEC

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has released a press statement on December 2 and urged not to close necessary health services during the protest.

The commission in its statement said that the attention of the commission has been drawn regarding the disruption of regular health services nationwide by government doctors federation Nepal showing solidarity on Dr Govinda KC’s demands.


The monitoring conducted by the commission found that the rights of the people have been violated after the health services was disrupted on December 1 by one hour and on December 2 by two hours.

It further stated that the commission had already announced to meet  demands of Dr KC with result oriented dialogue.

Meanwhile, the health condition of Dr KC is being deteriorating day by day. Various health organizations in nation has been disrupted to show solidarity on Dr KC’s demand. The health organizations are accusing government of not being able to address the issues of Dr Govinda KC.

According to INSEC district representative Deependra Dhikari of Chitwan, health personnel who have been in support of Dr KC have disrupted the OPD services for one hour. The patients complained that they were bound to get emergency services after the closure of OPD service. The doctors are making the protest more powerful.

Dr Bhoj Raj Adhikari, secretary of Nepal doctors association said that their intention is not to give trouble to the patients.

INSEC Dang representative JN Sagar said that a rally has been organized by the doctors of Rapti Sub-regional Office of Ghorahi to show their support to Dr Govinda KC. The doctors were carrying placards with slogan demanding the government to address his demands.

Similarly, the health services at Lamahi Primary Health Center was disrupted today by the doctors in support of Dr KC.

According to INSEC district representative Ajaya Kumar Shah of Mahottari, the health personnel affiliated with various organizations had organized a sit-in-protest on October 30 supporting Dr KC.

The sit-in-protest was organized with slogan satiring government for two hours.

The health personnel are agitated against government for showing apathy on addressing Dr KC’s demand.


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