Commission Presents A Nine-Points Recommendation For The Rights Of Migrant Workers

  August 14, 2020 By: INSEC

The National Human Rights Commission has recommended nine points to the government to take immediate and effective steps to protect the rights of migrant workers. The commission has given instructions to the government by publicizing the report on August 13 about the human rights of Nepali migrant workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and recommending to guarantee the rights of Nepali citizens suffering abroad.

The commission has also recommended taking diplomatic initiatives to stop illegal activities such as breaking unilateral contracts, forcing them to take unpaid leaves, and expelling them from their jobs.

The commission has also suggested protecting Nepali workers from violation of labor rights such as non-payment of full salary/facilities, forced eviction, and overtime or risky work delegation.

Chairperson of the Commission Anup Raj Sharma said that the commission is monitoring the process being adopted by the government to combat the corona infection and overall human rights.

Stating that the number of suicides has increased during the lockdown, Sharma said that there was a need for study and analysis in this regard.

He added that there is a need to study the situation of Nepali migrant workers in Lebanon, he said that the report was prepared by a team of various migrant labor experts and staff of the commission led by Sudip Pathak, a member of the commission.

The Commission has recommended making arrangements for the reimbursement of the expenses of the migrant Nepali workers who are the victims of human rights and labor rights violations in the country where they are working.

The study report also recommends that the government of those destination countries, employers, and private organizations recruiting Nepali workers to be held accountable for ensuring access to justice and compensation for Nepali workers who have not been paid, have been fired, have been sent on unpaid leave and have not been deported.

For that, it is suggested to take high level political and diplomatic initiatives as per the need, to make arrangements for proper compensation by setting certain criteria in the case of Nepalese who have to return home after losing employment and income abroad but have not been compensated by the employer or the government of the destination country.

Similarly, it has also recommended providing international airfare, transportation, and food expenses and necessary drinking water, food, accommodation, etc. to the undocumented migrant Nepali workers.

The commission has also requested to bring the bodies of the Nepali workers who have died in the destination country to Nepal and complete their final rituals per the wish customs of their family.

The Commission has stated that the report has been made public with the objective of drawing the attention of the Government of Nepal towards the Nepali migrant workers and the possible impact on their protection, rehabilitation, and reintegration.

Bimala Paudel