Commission meets with the family of victim shot dead by SSB

  March 24, 2017 By: INSEC

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has met with the family of Basudev Shah of Amahi Bariyati who had lost his life during a bullet firing by Indian Border Security Force.

The team led by NHRC member Govinda Sharma along with INSEC regional coordinator Som Raj Thapa of Biratnagar had conducted a field study by visiting the victim’s family on March 24.

In 2010, May 25, the victim was shot dead by the SSB inspector Hitendra Singh on charge of carrying a tin of petrol.

It was revealed that the SSB had shot him dead by coming 200 feet near to the Nepalese territory.  The monitoring has also revealed that the family did not receive any compensation or relief by the government.

The government had committed to provide compensation along with a job for one of the family member in police department, however they did not received any compensation despite of getting Rs 10,000 as a cremation expenses said the deceased son Gautam Shah.

NHRS member Paudel said that the government is showing apathy on providing relief to the victim’s family. He also said that the commission will initiate for the compensation to the victim.

INSEC regional coordinator Som Raj Thapa accused government of showing apathy on providing compensation to the victim’s family.


Indira Bhattarai