Collection of recommendations begins at local level

  December 30, 2016 By: INSEC

The collection of recommendations on the draft for the formation of commission to protect, promote and empower the community’s rights as per Nepal constitution has begun at local level according to RSS.

The social justice and human rights committee under the legislature parliament has started the campaign on the discussion session and collection of recommendations of draft on Inclusive commission in Surkhet and Tharu Commission in Dhangadhi .

The chairman of the committee Sushil Shrestha said that the interaction and recommendation collection session has begun at the place where there are majority of related community. In Nepal’s constitution, the draft on the inclusive, Tharu, Muslim, Madhesi, Dalit and indeginious people are under discussion.

Chairman Shrestha said that the recommendations were received to make the commission’s jurisdiction more broader.

The committee said that the first phase of discussion and interaction session will be conducted with in the first week of next month. During the discussion, the recommendations from civil society, journalists, advocate and stakeholders were collected.




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