Civil Society plays a vital role on providing people’s right: Pyakurel

  April 30, 2017 By: INSEC

INSEC chairperson Subodh Raj Pyakurel said that civil society can play an important role on providing people’s right within their access and it is playing its role through “Civil Campaign for Clean Election (CCCE)”.

He expressed his view while speaking at the press meet on April 30 organized by CCCE in Kathmandu.

He informed through the press meet that work of observers during the upcoming election will be digitally tracked.

Speaking at the program HURON chairperson Indra Aryal said that it will continue its monitoring even though there is dilemma in local level election.

Chairperson Pradeep Pokhrel of election observation committee stressed that observers will have effective role on clean and fair election.

Laxmi Niraula of Youth campaign for election said that voter’s education will be mobilized digitally.

Similarly, Subash Khatiwada, chairperson of community radio broadcasting federation said that voter’s education will be broadcasted through radio. Lenin Bista, chairperson of discharged former combatant stressed that government must provide security for the observers during the election.

Meanwhile, a documented report on violation of code of conduct has been made public through press release. In the report, 149 incidents are documented.

Similarly, CCCE released a press statement today and urged to conduct election in fearless environment.

The CCCE will be operated during the election in May 14 and June 14 through its network. In this campaign, various organizations such as INSEC, community radio broadcasting federation, election observation committee, youth campaign for election and discharged combatant Nepal are included.



INSEC regional Office, Kathmandu