Civil Forum Formed for Child Rights

  December 7, 2018 By: INSEC

A civil forum for the child rights has been formed in the district with objective of protecting and promoting the child rights. The forum was formed with the active participation of the representatives from the civil society of the district. The forum consisted of nine members.

The forum which was formed in coordination of chierperson Nara Bahadur Nepal of Rukumeli Society Development Centre has a participation of representatives from vatious organizations, lawyers and journalists. The secretary member of the forum is INSEC district representative Manisha KC. Similarly, the members are Damodar Gautam, Rama Gautam, Bhuwaneshwor Upadhyaya, Surendra Khatri, Manish Khadka and Bhim Bahadur Dangi.

The forum will be active for protection and promotion of chid rights, advocacy on child rights issue and implementation of child rights covenant by making the state accountable according to the coordinator Nepali.


Manisha KC