CIEDP asked victim’s party to present the final evidence

  December 3, 2016 By: INSEC

The Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappeared People (CIEDP) has asked the victim’s family, through letter, to present the final evidence. The commission has asked to present the final whereabout of the disappeared person and related evidince within 15 days.

Dilli Prasad Rai, elder brother of disappeared Agam Rai of Puwa Majhuwa said that he has received a letter from CIEDP on December 2. He added that it is hard to present the final evidence to the commission because he was disappeared since 2003 and his name was made public by press meet. He said that it is hard to get the evidences.

The family of Milan Rai who was disappeared 12 years ago also have received a letter from CIEDP. The victim’s wife Aitarani said that she is in confusion and do not know how to present the final evidence of her husband. She had lodged a complaint through Peace Committee of Ilam. She added that she do not have any evidences regarding his disappearance.

There are 23 complaints lodged from Ilam at CIEDP. Among them nost of the families have received the letter according to Peace Committee Secretary Dikendra Idingole. The coordinator Damodar Chapagain of Conflict Victim Society of Ilam said that victim’s family are in confusion on how to present the last evidence.


Kokila Dhakal