Chitwan Secondary School prevents Handicapped Teacher from Working

  December 1, 2019 By: INSEC

A handicapped teacher qualified from teacher service commission was not allowed to work by Chitwan Secondary School by not allowing doing daily attendance.

32 years physically disabled Durga Bomjan hasn’t been allowed to record his attendance from school authority despite getting an appointment letter affected from 17 November. He blames the school authority for not letting him work even when he went there for 12 days. After that he went to Bharatpur Municipality Education Department and Education coordination unit but in vain.

According to coordination unit head Mr Bhumilal Subedi  Bomjan would be allowed to work in his desired school.

If a person is not present within 15 days of his appointment the appointment letter is considered void.

According to school authority despite being eligible for the job the school infrastructure is not handicapped friendly and that is preventing Bomjan to do his work.

“We are not preventing him to do his work, Chitwan Secondary School doesn’t have disabled friendly infrastructure. We are not being biased towards Bomjan’s physical condition.  “, says school management committee president Mr Dilliram Lamichanne.

Disabled Society Chitwan’s working committee member Mr Mk Jwala said it is important to draw the attention of related stakeholders towards the Chitwan Secondary School incident.

Bomjan uses a wheelchair and need support to move around. He resides with his family in Narayani Secondary School, Bharatpur.

Dipendra Adhikari