Children Used In Indigenous People Rally

  August 8, 2016 By: INSEC

Children were used in a rally by District Coordination Council of Nepal Indigenous People Federation on August 8 against the covenant on Children Rights. Students studying at Hile High School were used in a rally on the occasion of 22nd world indigenous day in Hile bazaar of Dhankuta.

Principal Ramesh Bahadur Ghimire of Hile High School said that children were participated in a rally after the request from Nepal Tamang Ghendung organisation. According to the treaty on child rights, children cannot be used in any political or political affiliated rallies, protest, strike or protests.

However, secretary Hem Kumar Angla of the district coordination council  said that children were used in a rally for small period of time.

While trying to contact CDO and district child welfare officer Prem Prakash Uprety, he denied of having any information.


Santosh Ruchal