Child laborers Reestablished within the family

  November 9, 2016 By: INSEC

Ratna Nagar Industry and commerce federation, which has beenoperating child protection and child labor minimization program in the district, has reestablished 195 child laborers within their family after rescuing them from different hotels and lodges of Ratna Nagar on November 9.

The federation has rescued 74 child laborers and admitted them in school and 121 children were provided with financial support paving their way to go to school.

Chairperson Gyan Bahadur Bisural of the federation said that the environment for the children to go to the school is created so that the parents can do their earnings. The federation has also created the environment for 121 children’s family whose financial state is poor. The federation has opened an account for poor children and deposited Rs 3000.

Ratna Nagar Municipality has been campaigning to make the municipality child labor-free until 2017 and child-friendly until 2019 with a support from UNICEF according to branch chief Tejendra Lamichhane of Social development office.


Deependra Adhikari