Child Laborers Re-instated

  October 30, 2016 By: INSEC

The Ghorahi Municipality has rescued 12 child laborers and re-instated them in their family. They were handed over to the family by organizing a program on October 27 at Ghorahi.

Officer Subodh Regmi of Ghorahi Municipality Social Development said that those children were rescued from the site and handed over to their family as their right to education was violated and their life were at risk.

Radhika Pariyar, 15 of Syuja-8 and 16 years old Maya Pariyar, Sagar Chettri, 14 of Gadhawa-7, Dhaireni, Manoj Nepali, 13 of Ghorhi-11 and 15 years old Sagar Nepali, Basanti B.K, 12 of Saigha-1, Dal bahadur Pun,15 of Saigha-7, Bamla, Sandeep Bhandari, 13 of Rampur-9, Simaltara, Arun Nepali,14 of Dharna-7, Birbal Chaudhary,15 of Shantinagar-3, Sushma Oli, 14 of Manpur-8, Rawatgaun and 10 years old Namrata Adhikari of Ghodakot-10, Rolpa were rescued by the office.

Meanwhile, Rs 15,000 each were given to the family members in order to support them for their re-instatement. The municipality said that the financial support was given so that it can help their parents to use that money for income purpose. Parent Leela Nepali said that the money will help them to for operating small business.


J.N Sagar