Chairperson Abducted by CPN (Biplov)

  December 22, 2019 By: INSEC

Netra Bikram Chand (Biplov) led CPN’s cadres’ kidnapped Thatikandh Rural Municipality’s Chairperson Dhir Bahadur Shahi, 57, and his wife Ila Shahi, 54, as informed by their family members. They were kidnapped by a group of more than 15 armed cadres from their residence at Thatikandh Rural Municipality-2 Seripata on 21 December.

They had also taken along Shahi’s brother Hasta Bahadur Shahi, 46, professionally a teacher. According to him, they left him at Bhantichaur; an hour away from their residence. CPN (Biplov) said to have kidnapped him for warning him since he had made the budget irregular for the rural municipality. Ila Shahi is the Principal of Krishna Secondary School, Lakandra and the Central Vice Chairperson of Nepal Teachers’ Association.

A press release was published on 22 December by the committee of ruling party CPN’s Karnali Province requesting for the safe release of the couple. It was signed by the committee’s chairperson Gorakh Bogati who has also requested the local cadres to search for them.

Ila was allowed to contact other family members but Dhir Bahadur’s condition is still unknown to them. Chief District Officer Indra Bahadur Chhetri of Dailekh, had dispatched a search team of police for rescue after being informed about the couple’s kidnapping.

Amar Sunar