CCCE committee being formed in various districts

  June 1, 2017 By: INSEC

Citizen’s Campaign for Clean Election (CCCE) has been formed in various districts in western regions in an initiation of INSEC according to the INSEC western regional office of Pokhara.

According to the Gulmi District representative Top Lal Aryal, CCCE committee has been formed in Gulmi in coordination of District good governance chairperson Shyam Kumar Pandey. The committee consists of 11 members of which INSEC district representative Top Lal Aryal is secretary member. The member of the campaign consists of Bishnu Bhandary of NGO federation, Gun Nidhi Sharma of civil society, Sita Bhushal of Human Rights Alliance, Juna Kunwar, Naw Raj Bhushal of FNJ, Madhav Gyawali of Human Rights Protection Forum, Hira Kunwar of NEOC, Ganesh Shrestha of Community Development Centre and Bhim Neupane of  District Bar Association. The committee formed on June 1 has decided to coordinate and communicate with various observing organizations of the district for the clean, fair and fearless election.

According to Nawalparasi district representative Narayan Parajuli, nine members CCCE committee has been formed in the district in coordination and chairmanship of Civil society leader Shambhu Prasad Upadhyaya. The committee consists of secretary as INSEC district representative Narayan Bhushal. The members includes  Kailash Thakur of HURON, Raj Kumar Regmi of FNJ, Mohan Paudel of Radio Parasi, Ram B.K of Change Development Forum, Bhawana Parajuli of Election Mobilization Committee, Bijaya Jaisawal of amnesty international and Narayan Prasad Adhikari of Human Rights Alliance.

According to Arghakhanchi District Representative Narayan Bhushal, in order to observe and doing a fair monitoring of local level election, five member District Level CCCE committee has been formed in the district in coordination of INSEC district representative Narayan Bhushal. The member of the committee consists of  Him Bahadur GC Lekali of FNJ, Shobhakar Panthi of NEOC, Pharshu Ram Pandey of NGO federation and journalist Parbata Shrestha.

According to Dhanusha district representative Binod Kumar Rabidas, a district level CCCE committee has been formed in the district in coordination of Ashok Datta, chairperson of community radio broadcasting committee of province number 2. The committee consists of nine members. The committee formed with the objective of clean, fair and fearless election will be observing the election in three phases which are pre-election, election and post-election. The campaign secretary is INSEC district representative Binod Kumar Rabidas. The member consists of Suresh Yadav of Human Rights Watch Committee, Kiran Karna of Third Alliance, Prakash Thakur of Support Nepal, Urmila Yadav, Deependra Das of Human Rights Protection Group , Birendra Karna of third alliance and women rights activists Sudha Karna.

According to Mahottari district representative Ajaya Kumar Shah 11 members CCCE committee has been formed in the district in coordination of INSEC DR Ajaya Kumar Shah.

The member of secretary is Ranjan Bhandari, media personnel and secretary of the network. The members consists of treasurer Ajay Singh of FNJ, Madan Kumar Jha chairperson of Human Rights Protection Centre Mahottari, Sabita Kumari Jha of Terai Human Rights Defender network, Rakesh Prasad Chaudhary of civil society network, Bikra Yadan of Nepal Bar Association , Suresh Thakur of Youth Netowrk for Peace and Development and Ghanashyam Bhagat, chairperson of radion network.



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