Caste Based Discrimination while putting vermilion

  October 14, 2016 By: INSEC

In Gelu VDC-7,  a group of people from  non-Dalit community had wiped out the vermilion (TIKA) of newly married bride and put another TIKA as a vermilion was put on by the Dali community. The Dalit community have protested this incident and said that they have been discriminated based on caste.

According to the local, Sita Ram Lohar , a people from  Dalit community were invited in a marriage ceremony of Hira Pulami, daughter of Durga Bahadur Pulami of Gelu-7, Petasi on October 13. The people from Dalit community were separately kept and discriminated while putting TIKA on bride.

After putting a vermillion on bride’s forehead by Dalit people, a group of non-Dalit community wiped out the vermillion and put separate vermilion on her forehead which was protested by the Dalit community presented in the ceremony. The dispute raised over the issue as a Dalit people felt that they have been insulted and discriminated.

They have been even threatened for ostracizing from the village if the incident is revealed. INSEC  district representative said that this incident has been informed to the National Dalit Commission.


Nawa Raj Pathik