Caste Discrimination day observed

  March 21, 2018 By: INSEC

The nation has observed 53rd international caste discrimination eradication day by organizing various awareness and interaction program.

In remote district of Dolpa, for the first time, the international caste discrimination eradication day has been celebrated according to Dolpa district representative Bishnu Prasad Devkota.

The program was organized in a district level with a various program. During the program various cultural program was also organized.

Non-Dalit drank water and juice provided by Dalit

The program was participated by Dalit and non-dalit participants from the community. During the program vice-chair Chandra Kumari Buda of Tripura Sundari Municipality, local social worker Dil Bahadur Bista, Chairperson Kali Chalaune of Women Network, ward chairman Nanda Bahadur Thapa including many other drank juice and water from the hand of non-dalit against the caste discrimination.

Person honored for doing Inter cast marriage

In the program a couple was honored for doing inter cast marriage. Hari Kulal of Tripurasundari Municipality-1 and Hari Maya Thapa was honored in a program by vice- chair and ward chairman for inter cast marriage.

According to INSEC Baitadi district representative Nari Datta Badu, the concerned stakeholders showed concern that the discrimination could not be minimized in the district. The ill practices on lower cast still prevails in the district.

According to Shiva Raj Dhungana of Achham district, various awareness program was organized in the district to celebrate 53rd cast discrimination eradication day.

In a program, the speakers said that the cast discrimination and untouchability still prevails in the society despite of formulation of laws against it. They showed concern that Dalit are still facing cast discrimination in the society . Dalit leader Bhim Janal said that still the dalit are taken as a second level of citizens and showed concern that they are still facing discrimination despite of country heading towards federal republic.


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