Candidate Accused of Violating Election Code of Conduct

  November 9, 2017 By: INSEC

Maoist center proportionate candidate for state assembly on constituency number 1 of Khotang District, Nawal Khadka, also a film star, has been accused of violating election code of conduct.

He was accused of involving in election dissemination and giving speech luring locals of showing movie “Bhim Datta” written by himself. His speech was in favor of political party which is against the election code of conduct.

Candidate Khadka had seek permission from District Administration Office to show movie saying that it is mere entertainment.

Chief District Officer Eek Dev Adhikari said that he was given permission to show only movie as he is an artist from the district. We are compelled to stop the program after he did not followed what he said earlier.

CDO Adhikari said that the candidate had committed to do only entertainment. The election code of conduct has allowed to do any musical or entertaining program, rally or speech from 8 AM till 7 Pm however the movie was shown from 7PM and had to be stopped.

District Election Officer Dinesh Khatri said that no one is allowed to do program against election code of conduct.

The proportionate candidate Khadka is accused of attempting to affect voters by showing movie when the election is at hand.


Sunita Magar