Butwal remains unstable for the third day of agitation

  December 2, 2016 By: INSEC

The normal lives of the people has been affected due to the demonstration against the state re structuring proposal.

The demonstrators had protested from early in the morning at  road, hospital, Milanchok, Golpark, Pushpa Lal Park, Trafick Chok and Nepalgunj Road by burning tires.

ANRISU, NSU, undivided province no 5 pressure campaign Rupendehi, and many other political wings had demonstrated on December 2.


The long and short routed transportation were affected due to the agitation. The schools, industries and even pharmacies were closed during the protest.

The protesters had allowed the ambulance, vehicles of media personnel and human rights activists.

The situation was tensed after the demonstrators had hurled the stone to the police. Police had charged batons to control the mob.


Coordinator Bishnu Pokhrel of undivided province number 5 campaign of Lumbini said that the agitation will continue until the proposal is not corrected.

DSP Mukunda Marasini of Area Police Office of Butwal said that there were no destruction reported during the agitation.

 Leaders Addressed the people’s assembly

The leaders of the political parties have repeatedly warned that they will never let province number five to be divided. While addressing huge assembly at Traffick Chowk, leaders said that they will never accept the proposal of dividing province and criticized the government.

Bishnu Paudel of CPN UML addressing the assembly urged Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal to come infront of the people and justify the reason behind the division of province number 5.

Leader Top Bahadur Rayamahji of CPN Maoist criticized government’s proposal of dividing province number 5. He added that he is above the party and with the people.

Chandra Bhandary of Nepali Congress warned government not to have an eagle eye on province number 5 and urged to take back the proposal.

The agitators warned that they will keep and continue the protest until the proposal is taken back.

Nepal Students Union had collected the votes from the people of Butwal in favour or against the proposal. Out of 18,283 votes, 17,545 were against the division of province number 5 and 584 were in favour of division, remaining 548 votes were invalid according to election program coordinator Thakur Ghimire. The collected votes will be sent to Prime Minister and CA Spokesperson according to NSU.


Reema BC