Boy intimidated on charge of Plucking Flower

  July 19, 2019 By: INSEC

A nine years old boy Bharat Gharti was intimidated by the ward chairman  Bhim Bahadur sarki, 50,  of Ghorari Sub Metropolist-4, on the charge of plucking flower from the garden  on July 17.

The victim said that he was intimidated while he was playing near his house. He sustained injuries in left ear and abdomen injuries due to the intimidation.

Raimata Gharti, 34, mother of victim said that her son was unable to sleep because of ear and stomach pain. She added that he was taken to the near by hospital where his Nose, Ear and Throat care center in Ghorahi Sub Metropolish-14 on July 18 for the treatment as his condition worsens. The boy sustained several injuries over his body.

The accused chairperson Sarki, however denied the allegation and said that  he only asked boy not to play near the garden. The victim’s family have demanded for the  treatment cost from the ward chair.

JN Sager