Boy bonded in a cage from the last nine years

  November 6, 2018 By: INSEC

Subba Tamang, 13 of Shailung RuralMunicipality-8 is kept in a cage with a tied rope from the last nine years by his parents just because of being disabled.

The boy was born in 2005 as an elder son of the family. After wards he suddenly became ill leading to the disability. He was tied with a rope and put inside the cage when he was four years old according to the family.

His mother Shanti Maya Tamang says, ” He was taken to witch doctors many times, but his condition never improved so we decided to keep him inside the cage”. Subba Tamang does not know that he is tied with a rope and kept closed inside the cage. Tamang’s family are compelled to put him inside the cage with the fear that he might get lost if opened free. The family have done their best to treat him even by taking loan,, however his condition remains the same.

Mother of Subba added that she wanted to send her son to some organization where such children are treated however the financial condition restricts her. She complained of not getting disability allowance from the government despite of making card.


Uddhav Pokhrel