Boy beaten by hotel operator

  October 24, 2018 By: INSEC

Child labor Prakash Budathoki, 12 working at one hotel in Kimtakura of Salyan Darma Rural Municipality-6 was beaten by the hotel operator Shanti Shahi, 30 of Sagar Hotel on charge of stealing money. The boy got a fractured hand in a beating.

The incident was made public only after 18 days as the incident was in a remote village. Local right activists complained that police did not take immediate action despite of getting information of the incident.

According to the victim, he was beaten severely by the accused on charge of stealing money from hotel. On beating he sustained fractured hand and broken teeth.

The victim urged for Rs 1500 to go to his house during Dashain festival which was denied by the operator. He was stopped by the neighbor while he was running after grabbing money. Afterwards, the boy was severely beaten in the roadside by the accused.

Amar Sunar