Black Flag in Mayor’s house

  May 3, 2017 By: INSEC

The cadres of Nepal Communist Party led by “Biplop” Maoist have put a black flag in the house of mayor candidate for the Bharatpur Metropolis on May 3.

The party said that the black flags were put in the house of mayor candidates Renu Dahal, Devi Gyawali and Dinesh Koirala.

Similarly, the black flag was put on the house of mayor candidates Kiran Oli of Nepali congress and Ramchandra Pathak of Maoist centre for Rapti Municipality however; flags were immediately removed by the police according to SP Deepak Thapa of District Police Office.

The party’s cadres have circulated the letter to the candidates for not to participate in local level election.

    Deependra Adhikari