Bharatpur-19 re-polling on August 4

  August 1, 2017 By: INSEC

The decision has been made to re-poll the disrupted election of Bharatpur-19 on August 4 according to the all- meeting held on August 2.

The Election Commission had directed the office of the chief election officer to fix the new date for the election.

After the direction, the all-party meeting held on August 2 has decided to hold the election on August 4.

The major political party CPN UML have been accusing Maoist center of tearing the ballot-papers after not getting expected vote in first phase of local level election. After the incident, the apex court had decided to re-poll however writ was lodged against the decision. However, the supreme court has given the verdict of re-polling in favor of decision of election commission.

Deependra Adhikari