Beneficiaries In Difficulty Due To Scarcity of Medicine

  September 16, 2020 By: INSEC

The locals of Amargadhi Municipality have complained about facing problems due to lack of medicines in four health posts in Amargadhi Municipality.

The Ghatal Health Post, Sahasralinga Health Post, Ugratara Health Post and Bhumiraj Health Post in the municipality are facing a shortage of medicines.

Ganesh Aira of Amargadhi Municipality-1 complained that even though the checkup facility is ongoing at the health post, the medicines provided free of cost by the government are not available. The patients are obliged to buy it from private clinics.

Patients visited Dadeldhura Hospital for treatment and check-up before the lockdown but now the number of patients coming to the health post from rural areas has increased after the lockdown, informed Bhoj Bahadur Pal, in-charge of Syaule Municipal Health Post.

Mahadev Bhatta, in-charge of the primary health post at Amargadhi Municipality-7, said that there is a shortage of zinc, Gensen Violet (GV), cetamol and medicines for gastrointestinal problems which are distributed free of cost by the Government of Nepal in the health institutions of Amargadhi Municipality.

He said, “There is no free medicine in the health post.” Normally, 10/15 patients come to the health post every day. Patients have to be checked and sent to a private medical or clinic to buy medicine.

Chief of the Health Branch of Amargadhi Municipality, Ganesh Bista, said that there was a problem in the management of medicines as it took some time to release the budget for the new fiscal year due to regular lockdowns for the control and prevention of the Corona.

He said, “A tender of Rs. 1,001,500 has been approved for the purchase of medicines. Within a week, the process of purchasing medicines for all the health institutions in the municipality will move forward. ‘

Bhupendra Bista