Beneficiaries Facing Problems Due To Closure Of Ward Office

  October 17, 2020 By: INSEC

Citizens of Tamakoshi Rural Municipality, Ward No. 4, Malu have been affected due to the six-day closure in the ward office.

All the services provided by the ward have come to a standstill after the local Nepali Congress locked the ward office on October 11 and created continuous obstruction.

The beneficiaries have been affected after tasks related to citizenship, distribution of social security allowances and formation of consumer committee were halted.

During Dashain, Tihar and other festivals, single women, senior citizens, and people with disabilities have not been able to get the social security allowance.

Hem Shrestha, a local, complained that he had not been able to get the citizenship recommendation even after visiting the ward office for a week.

Similarly, Meghraj Pokharel, a local, said that he could not get the social security allowance as he had to go to the ward office several times to get it.

The local Nepali Congress has been obstructing the ward office saying that the ward chairperson has formed a committee in his favour and not formed an all-party committee for the implementation of development projects to be implemented through the ward from the budget allocated for the current fiscal year.

Stating that he has continued his efforts to solve the problem, Dolakha’s Chief District Officer Ramesh Shiwakoti said that efforts are being made to solve the problem through discussions with both the parties.

Uddhav Pokhrel