Beneficiaries facing difficulties due to the closure of Maternity service

  July 10, 2017 By: INSEC

Beneficiaries at District hospital of Seugha are facing difficulties after the closure of maternity services due to the lack of doctors.

The service has been disrupted after the assistant anesthetic left the district on July 9 according to the hospital source.

The government has given a priority to the safe motherhood program however, the pregnant women of the district are facing serious problem after not getting the maternity services. They are compelled to leave the district. The hospital data shows that the services have been disrupted since three months. One patient has to pay up to 50,000  for the maternity services if one have to go to the clinic. The government has announced for the free maternity services however they are compelled to pay higher amount in the clinic outside.

Senior AHW of Rolpa, Kul Bahadur Dangi said that beneficiaries are facing difficulties due to the negligence from hospital management. Every year, the government has allocated the budget for the maternity service however Rolpali people could not get the services which is very sad.

Madhav Kumar Oli