Beneficiaries complained of not getting insurance service

  January 2, 2019 By: INSEC

The beneficiaries of Solududhkunda have complained of not getting insurance services despited of being insured. Dawa Sherpa,43 of the same municipality complained ofnot getting any benefits despite of being insured.

Sherpa said that she did not get medicine and treatment in District Hospital of Phaplu  after she went to hospital for treatment on January 1.

After being insured for health, she is supposed to get insurance up to Rs 50,000. She complained of not getting any services from the insurance.

Similarly, 48 years old Gopal Karki has a same issue. He complained of not getting insurance services despite of being insured.

He went to hospital for the problem of swollen leg but he could not get any medicine despite of being insured.

Pradeep Basnet of Insurance board said that the issue is due to the delay in process of purchasing medicine.

Dr Mingmar Chiri Sherpa of District Hospital said that medicine will arrive in the hospital very soon and the issue will be solved.


Pasang Bomjan Tamang