Tuesday , 19th February 2019

Tuesday , 19th February 2019

Band Withdrawn, Agitation Continues

December 6, 2016 By INSEC

The agitating group in Butwal has withdrawn Band from the evening of December 6 however the agitation continues according to RSS. The groups have been protesting against the government’s proposal of constitution amendment and had called on Band since one week.

CPN UML chairperson of Rupendehi district said that the structure of the agitation has changed however it will continue. He added, “The Band program has been withdrawn until the discussion on constitution amendment proposal, however the agitation is still continuing”.


According to INSEC district representative Reema BC of Rupendehi said that the demonstration continues for seventh day against the government’s proposal of constitution amendment. The normal lives of people have been severely affected by the demonstration and protest. From the morning, major places of the district were affected by the demonstration and protest program. A protest rally, demonstration with slogan against the division of province number 5 continues in the district. The demonstrators have warned that the protest continues until the proposal is not withdrawn.


INSEC District Representative Nanda Ram Paudel of Kapilvastu said that Band program in the district has been withdrawn by CPN UML including other agitating political parties.

The demonstration and protest however continues in the district against the government’s move on constitution amendment proposal.

The meeting held at Badganga by the Revolutionary Committee has decided to change the structure of the agitation.


CPN UML District Chairman and coordinator of Revolutionary Committee, Jhabi lal Pokhrel said that only the structure of the protest has been changed but the agitation is still going on.

The all party meeting has decided to change the structure of the agitation after the normal lives of the people were affected by the demonstration and strike.

Pokhrel said that the agitation will continue from December 7 without affecting education and transportation sectors.


INSEC Gulmi District Representative Top Lal Aryal said that the normal lives of the people have been severely affected by the protest and demonstration in the district. The protest and agitation continues for seventh day in the district.

Due to an indefinite strike, labors, commuters, government offices and other industries have been affected. Today, locals have organized a reverse rally against the government’s proposal of constitution amendment. The rally had rounded the city.


The agitation deployment committee of the district while releasing a press statement on December 6 has decided not to burn effigies of particular political leaders and to continue protest in major parts of the district.

INSEC District Representative Yagya Murti Timilsina of Palpa said that in seventh day of the agitation, the normal lives have been affected in the district.

Nepali Congress, CPN UML, Janamorcha Nepal, Akhanda Nepal, CPN ML and other sister political parties have called on Band in Palpa.

The Band has affected a long and short routed transportation and commuter are stranded on various places. The industries, educational sectors and transportation have been severely affected due to the Band. The organizer of the protest however said that the agitation is made peaceful.

Meanwhile, the Revolutionary Committee said that the Band program still remains unchanged for December 7. Chairperson Dunl Bahadur Kunwar of RPP Nepal said that asit-in program has been scheduled for today in front of District Administration Office building.

INSEC District Representative Narayan Bhushal of Arghakhanchi said that the lives of the people have been normalized after the agitators have withdrawn the Band program. The lives have become normal after the agitators have taken back the Band program until December 10.

The normal lives of the people were severely affected by the long Band in the district.

After a huge demonstration and assembly organized by major political parties in the district on December 5, the Band has been withdrawn for some time.

Chairmal Bishnu Khanal Muskan of Revolutionary Committee has warned that the agitation will continue if the proposal of constitution amendment is not taken back by the government.


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