Serious Attention Drawn Regarding the incident of Bharatpur: Citizen’s Campaign

  May 31, 2017 By: INSEC

The Citizen’s Campaign for Clean Election secretariat (CCCE) has drawn its  attention regarding the incident of vote tearing in Bharatpur Metropolitan city on the night of May 28 affecting the overall vote-counting process.

“ Police officials and eye-witnesses said that the cadres of Maoist centre have torn the ballot papers when only few thousands of them were left to be counted. Chief Election Officer Kabi Prasad Neupane had informed about the halting of vote counting for indefinite period at about 1:20 AM in the morning of May 29 by putting the notice. Police have arrested Maoist cadres from the incident site on a same day and lodged a case against them.” The press released by the CCCE secretariat on May 31 states.

“As per the incident description made public by SP Deepak Thapa of Nepal police, who was on the incident site, said that cadres of Maoist centre who were involved in ballot paper tearing incidents have been arrested and case has been registered against them at District Court. Vote-tearing is a severe crime and it is important to see it from this perspective. The Election Commission must give special attention so that such incident does not repeat in future,” the statement said.


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