Attempt of Attack on Rural Municipality’s Vice Chairperson

  December 23, 2019 By: INSEC

Dhani Kumari Khatri, 52, Vice Chairperson of Rapti Sonari Rural Municipality has blamed Rapti Ronari Rural Municipality-5 Baijapur’s contractor Man Bahadur Khadka, 32, for pressurizing her to sign the road monitoring file and trying to attack her on 20 December.

Khatri said Khadka tried doing so because she had decided to monitor the road from Binauna Chowk to Madhuwa joining bridge before signing the plan monitoring file. She said, Khadka came to her office; threatened, misbehaved and also sabotaged the office premises.

A press release has been published by the coordinator of the monitoring committee and vice chairpersons showing objection regarding the incident on 22 December. The release was signed by the Deputy Mayor of Nepalgunj Sub Metropolitan; Uma Thapa Magar, Vice Chairperson of Kohalpur Municipality; Sanju Chaudhary, Vice Chairperson of Baijanath Rural Municipality; Sharada B.K Regmi, Vice Chairperson of Khajura Rural Municipality; Ekmaya B.K, Vice Chairperson of Duduwa Rural Municipality; Shahida Bano, Vice Chairperson of Janaki Rural Municipality; Bhumisara Dhital, Vice Chairperson of Narainapur Rural Municipality; Jaganti Shriwastav requesting not to create repetition of such situation and also asking for legal action to the person involved in the case.

Smriti Devkota