Astrologists Commit to Child Marriage Minimization Campaign

  January 28, 2020 By: INSEC

Astrologists of Salyan District committed to the child marriage minimization campaign. They have made a group commitment of not seeing the birth chart of any one below 20 years of age.

They have also assured of accepting any kind of punishment if found doing so. They will be sentenced to jail for three years and will also be fined Rs. 30 thousand if found blackmailing and creating any sorts of superstitious illusion referring to astrology said DSP Dhakendra Khatiwada.

Anyone who is found initiating marriage rituals and inviting people to attend marriage of someone below 20 years of age will also be facing legal action.

Katiwada added, ‘Everyone needs to join along to control this problem. Anything that motivates children to get married early or promotes superstation should be brought into legal boundaries.’

In the Community Police Support Program’s child marriage minimization campaign; District Police Office of Salyan made all the priests, pastors and astrologists attend and made them sign the commitment paper. Around 69 priests and astrologists committed to discourage child marriage, said astrologist Punaram Jaisi of Kalimati Rural Municipality.

Meena Budathoki